Children aged 6 months to under 5 years who are most at risk of severe disease are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination from 5 September 2022

The eligible population are those with severe immunocompromise, disability and those with complex/multiple health conditions. We will do our best to confirm eligibility of our regular patients at the time of booking. New patients are welcome but an appointment with a GP will be required to confirm eligibility – any appointment solely related to Covid-19 vaccination will be bulk-billed. New patients should seek a health summary from their regular GP.
Both age groups receive two doses 8 weeks apart (three doses 8 weeks apart if severely immunocompromised).
We run our children’s Covid-19 vaccinations on Friday afternoons at the Carson Suite, alternating Pfizer for ages 5-11 one week with Moderna for ages 6 months to under 5 the next week. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL – phone 9875 1123 to book.